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Lucia co-founded Women Speakers in Healthcare to ensure all healthcare events have gender balanced panels and to help women feel empowered to seek equality in the workplace. This conference 私密處保養 aims to address the issues surrounding the under-representation of women in healthcare leadership roles and inspire the female leaders of the future. As engineers, designers, and product developers, we should always design for the intended user. Trial participants and the data used to inform the device design should be representative of the intended patient population. Device testing should also demonstrate performance in realistic and clinically relevant settings. When analysing test or trial results, data should always be disaggregated to look out for differences across patient and user groups that might have been missed in the design process.

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Taking the example of pregnancy, healthcare workers can only gain a limited amount of information about the mother and foetus from asking questions during remote patient monitoring and care. There is a need for further solutions, so healthcare professionals can carry out the necessary tests and monitor the pregnancy in the same way they would at usual scans. Perhaps one of the most surprising findings to me, as a doctor, is the lack of research into women’s health – leading to large gender gaps in the data. Often research for general conditions such as heart disease and autism focuses more on men due to a lack of female subjects. The data from male participants is then applied to women – and the research results are not even broken down by gender in order to see any clear differences.

Womens Health Ambassador For England Appointed

Participants included 106 women and 105 healthcare professionals, managers or stakeholders. Traditionally delivered face to face, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the usual provision of antenatal care. From March 2020, remote consultations, where the pregnant woman receives care via telephone or video, were recommended where possible. Between May and July 2020, almost 90 per cent of antenatal appointments in the UK were conducted remotely rather than face-to-face. As with other healthcare services that shifted to remote provision during the pandemic, there is enthusiasm for retaining aspects of remote antenatal care, post-pandemic.

The Women’s Health Strategy for England will set out an ambitious and positive new agenda on women’s health, with women’s voices at the centre. We are launching this call for evidence to inform the priorities, content and actions within the Women’s Health Strategy. This exercise will ensure that the strategy is evidence-based and reflects what women identify as priorities.

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We will also launch a national online resource hub, which will provide a single point of access for resources that have been developed through the programme, to support local authorities to develop services for families affected by parental substance misuse. We are also looking at the role that family hubs can play in supporting parents and families in accessing support and treatment for substance misuse. NHS England is working to ensure women can access the best treatments possible for breast cancer. All completed NICE appraisals of breast cancer medicines since March 2018 have recommended the use of the medicines, which are now routinely available for clinicians to use in the treatment of NHS patients.

If you are a woman, or identify as a woman, and you work in health and care, yes this is absolutely a network for you. Delivered by the NHS Confederation, the Health and Care Women Leaders Network is a free network for all women working across health and care. This campaign won’t just help women come to terms with their own bodies, but it’s been engineered to help health experts improve their work – particularly in terms of correctly treating all female bodies. The aim is to ensure that all bodies are represented, and that female health doesn’t take a hit because doctors and patients are only viewing an illness or body part from a limited point of view. Diversity benefits everyone, and we believe all healthcare events should be gender balanced. We know these women exist, and we want to make sure that they are offered the same opportunities as their male colleagues to speak at healthcare events and conferences.

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